So my niece/goddaughter is turning 5 and i mention a Karate themed party. OMG you shoulda seen her jump up and down! having zero experience in the child-party-throwing world, I relied on Cat and Liz at KSA to guide me… and did they ever! Upon our party consultation, they threw out many ideas that all sounded great. they made the planning experience so easy and fun!

I showed up to the studio with the place decked out for the party. Balloons, streamers, party favors… it was all included. Guests started arriving and it was soon evident that a Karate party is a HOT TICKET ITEM, as we were double our expectant guest list. Our hosts took it in stride and were gracious and accommodating– truly hospitable. They hosted the kids with an array of fun games and lessons, while the adults were able to mingle in a designated area. It was perfect, and the kids were obviously having just as much fun as the adults.

Listen, I was told multiple times that evening that it was the funnest kids party many of our guests had attended. I know i had a great time. I can’t recommend KSA for a kids party highly enough. It was so easy and fun, I suspect my niece will have Karate parties from here on out.

Pro-tip: if you have a kids party here the adults can enjoy adult beverages… you can thank me later.