The classes are one hour and 15 minutes and include a brief warm up and cool-down. The Capoeira class encompasses many concepts, which can best be explained with these four interconnected aspects:

Capoeira is a Martial Art — Profesor Michael teaches movements and concepts that apply directly to self-defense. Classes include, along with it, necessary physical conditioning, awareness for others, discipline, and respect. My class at KSA will put heavy emphasis on martial arts context of Capoeira.

Capoeira is a Dance — It teaches the movements with a pace set to live Capoeira music and encourage everyone to let the movements be natural to their own bodies.

Capoeira is a Game — Martial Arts, in general, feature A LOT of strategy. The same goes for all types of games, from chess to pick-up basket ball games. Capoeira, as a game, is meant to be fun and challenge you to use your mind.

Capoeira is a Cultural Art Form — Profesor also explains the cultural and historical contexts behind the art, especially those more unique to Capoeira. He encourages students to understand the mentalities that created and maintain this art form.

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