Do you have the training you need to respond under fire?

The truth is that most people do not. Unless you train under Adrenalized circumstances, in realistic scenarios, with an actual threat, the likelihood of responding properly and accurately to a stressful situation are minimal. This is the reason that KSA Martial Academy is bringing you Non-Lethal, Force-on-Force Firearms Training with Simunition FX dedicated training weapons and ammunition, the leaders in non-lethal, force-on-force training.

Force-on-Force Firearms Training

The courses are available in a variety of levels:

  • Civilian
  • Security Personnel
  • Law Enforcement
  • Special Unit
  • Military

and are designed to teach and train proper response while under fire. Our chief instructor, Cat Fitzgerald is the first civilian to have been allowed to train and successfully complete the LEO/ Military certification offered by Simunition, and with his many years of experience in training students of all levels in High-Stress, Adrenalized scenarios, is now able to bring Nashville this highly specialized and effective training.

Call us for more information about the complete

  • Projectile Weapons to Empty Hand Ground Fighting ASSERT Professionals Program,
  • Expandable Baton Program,
  • Chemical Spray Program, and our new
  • Force-on-Force Firearms program for civilians and Law Enforcement and Military Professionals.

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