Introduction to Rapid Assault Tactics – Dec. 21, 2013 Registration



Register here for the Saturday, December 21st, 2013, Intro to R.A.T. Workshop! Space is limited, so reserve your spot early!

Developed by Sigung Paul Vunak, the RAT Program (Rapid Assault Tactics) is a fighting system created for On-Duty Protection and Law Enforcement Professionals. There are no blocks or wide stances. The system focuses on opponent destruction.

By refocusing decades of martial arts experience, Sigung was able to create a program that is easy to learn and simple to implement. This is the first of Sigung’s military training curricula and is currently in use by Navy Seals, SWAT Teams, FBI, and CIA on the field. Although created for Protection Services Professionals, it is available to civilians.

Previous Martial Arts experience is required, with a minimum of intermediate level, as no basic movements will be covered, and it is restricted to 15 years of age and older. Pre-registration is required. This 4-hour workshop is normally $75, but we think it would make a great stocking stuffer! So, make it a Holiday Gift and pick up a spot on the mat for $50! LEO/ Military/ and Educators Discount: $40 per person.


A minimum of Upper-Intermediate level Martial Arts experience or Combat/ Military/ LEO Training is required.

Age Restrictions:

Must be at least 16 years of age to participate. Minors must have parental permission.

This 4-hour introductory course covers the basics of the following:

Draw and stance
Strikes and defense
Disarm and Retention
Levering and takedowns
Empty hand and weapon techniques
Movement methodology
Strike target zone
Force matrix ladder
Improvised weapons
Selecting a baton for yourself
Adrenal effect
Methodology/Goal dependency
Compliance/ Apprehension
Mission Critical