And Winter is Coming…

I’m sure many of you have seen our KSA Hoodies around and thought to yourselves,

“Geez, where can I get one of those ultra-snazzy, warm, and comfy hoodies?”

Well, never fear! Now that Fall is here and Winter is coming, we are putting in orders for Hoodies and long-sleeve versions of our commemorative KSA apparel. Short sleeve Tees will also be available. However, this round, we are only taking pre-orders. We will not be ordering any extras. So, if you do not place your order ahead of time, you will not get one, or two, or ten. 😉

So, don’t delay and order today!

Hoodies $45.00
Long Sleeve Pull-overs $30.00
Tees $25.00 or $20.00 when you buy 2 or more