Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Martial Arts at KSA?

People often think they need to be in excellent shape, young, or competitive to take a martial arts class. This is true only if you plan on becoming an international competitor in tournaments. Martial arts are so much more than fit, young people competing in mid-air jump kicks.

What I and so many others enjoy about training in martial arts is the great workout you get, all while you have fun, enjoying the camaraderie, and creating and benefiting from a safe place to work through whatever you might be dealing with that day. The dojo, dojang, or training facility is a place students can concentrate on working out, forgetting about the cares of the outside world for an hour and a half.

The classes at KSA are filled with people of all ages, shapes, fitness levels, and abilities. Working together in class gives students, ages four and up, a chance to interact in a safe and respectful place, helping each other to work out and improve — yes, even the ones who have “had upgrades” to knees, shoulders, neck, etc.

KSA students come “as is.”

We all work together to improve our knowledge, skills, and attitude (even the young and competitive who are in excellent shape).

Come as you are, and welcome!