Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, Rapid Assault Tactics, Tae Kwon Do, ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense

Cat Fitzgereald Sensei
Cat Fitzgereald Sensei and Sifu

His Martial Arts career spans over 40 years and features high Dan rankings in Aikido, Shotokan, and TaeKwonDo, and lifetime training in Judo, Kali, Silat, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, and Muay Thai Kickboxing among others. He is a member of the Jeet Kune Do Athletics Association Instructor Team under Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal, PFS Edged Weapons Law Enforcement Instructor, and a Phase One Instructor under Sigung Paul Vunak. He began and continues his Jeet Kune Do training under Sifu Dwight Woods. He is a Rock Steady Boxing Certified Coach and Chief Instructor of the Rock Steady Boxing Nashville Program. He is also a certified Simunition Force-on-Force LEO/ Military Instructor.

He has the privilege of regularly training Military, FBI, CIA, DEA, and a number of Law Enforcement and Special Ops Teams in Close Quarters Combat, Weapons, and a diverse collection of Martial Arts, which he teaches under the Neko Okami Integrated Martial Arts banner. He also trains Olympic and Professional Athletes in Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training and Muscle Resilience, helping them to increase their body’s performance potential. Fitzgerald Sensei also uses these modalities to help pre- and post surgery patients rehabilitate their injuries, training their bodies to achieve their optimal conditioning, reverse years of the damage that results from poor training techniques, and prevent future injuries. For more complete information about Fitzgerald Sensei, please visit his site: